POWERFUL: My Word of the Year

POWERFUL: My Word of the Year

Choosing a word of the year has become more and more popular lately. Last year was my first year to participate in this idea and I chose the word UNSTOPPABLE for 2016. That is where I wanted the new year to lead me as a focus and a reminder to myself.

What unstoppable meant to me at the beginning of 2016 was that I was going to take the world by storm and not let anything get in my way! I was on a roll, feeling strong and confident, and ready to move forward. Now that the year has ended, I feel like the word wasn’t necessarily lived up to as much as it could have been by me. However, there was a lot that was beyond my control, and that’s okay!

did not give up and that is what unstoppable means to me now that the year is over. I may have taken a break in the middle of the year, for a few months, but after things calmed down to a more normal chaos level again, I was back at it! The most important thing is that I ended the year on a strong note- back on track with my eating for a few months, my blog and business moving forward, and looking forward to upcoming races in the year ahead! Therefore the word worked for me and I’m looking forward to my word for this year guiding me as well!

I put my word up on the wall to constantly remind me: “I will be POWERFUL in 2017!”

There were quite a few words that I considered for this year: warrior, survivor, persistence, relentless, spirited, resilient, and finally… POWERFUL! It was more difficult to choose a word for 2017. Last year, I spent some time thinking about it and the word pretty much came to me. Then this year, I had to actively search out a word! I googled words, I googled “word of the year,” and scouted out what others were picking in hopes that I would find something that fit what I wanted the year to embody, as well as what I had been through.


What does “powerful” mean to me for 2017? I want powerful to represent me and my various journeys this year. I have a lot going on and coming up soon, and I will be powerful as I accomplish each one. Here are some things I’ve got in the year ahead:

  • Half marathon for the second time in May.
  • Full marathon in November.
  • Publishing my first book in March, if all goes according to plan.
  • Writing other books and workbooks.
  • Serving others through my weight loss coaching.

I’m going to use my power for pouring my passions, skills, and enthusiasm into each task and activity. I am ready, I am powerful, and I will have a great 2017!


So, do you have a word of the year for 2017? If so, what is it and what does it mean to you?



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16 thoughts on “POWERFUL: My Word of the Year

  1. Wow, Bonnie. I’m impressed. I think my word is joy. I’m reading James and was struck by how joy is a choice we make. We can’t control when and what trials hit us, but we can control our response through faith.

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    1. Thanks! Joy is a wonderful word for 2017 as well. I think our words of the year are a choice of what direction and what focus we’ll have. I love that it helps to kind of nudge us in the direction of where we want (or need to go).


  2. Ahh, I love this word! My word of the year is “balance.” I want to balance all aspects of my life, such as work/play, school/sleep, my workout schedule, my nutrition, happiness/sadness, etc!

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    1. Yes, balance is such a great word for 2017! I love that! We all need balance. I’m finding that I need to focus more on creating a balance between those things you listed as well. I tend to do too much of one or the other lol.


  3. Hey Bonnie! Thanks so much for being a part of the link up! I love that you put the word up on your wall. I need to do that that way it is CONSTANTLY on my mind! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your books and workbooks that come out this year, as well as your success in your races!

    Thanks so much for the encouragement through the word POWERFUL!!


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    1. And thank you for holding the link up and stopping by to leave a comment! I put my word up on my wall last year too, but not as big and bright as this year, and not where I would look at it constantly. The place I put it now, in addition to its size and bright color, will cause me to look at it much more and remind me!


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