New Year’s Weight Loss Coaching

Inspire the Best You in 2017 Coaching Package


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What is included:

*Six weeks of email support.
*Six weeks of weekly coaching appointments lasting 45 minutes to an hour.
*Six weeks of resources, sent directly to your email.
*Six weeks of encouragement and individualized help.

Some of the resources provided:

1. VIP Getting Started Weight Loss Workbook
2. 30 Day Best You Challenge
3. Goals to Inspire the Best You Workbook
4. Healthy Living Tips printable sheet
5. Downloadable positive affirmation graphics
6. Emotional Eating Guide
7. Journal prompts workbook
…and much more!

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What can you expect?

I will be there to cheer you on, provide personalized advice and tips, give much needed support and encouragement, and even be there as a listening ear. Whatever you need!

It’s like having a coach and an accountability partner rolled into one! While we will have “live meetings,” you will also have the ability to contact me via email or text message any other time as well. So if you have one scheduled meeting with me per week you could use it to ask me for specific tips or tell me about your week ahead so I can help you find ways to prepare and/or cope with upcoming events. You can also tell me about the week leading up to the meeting, to report your food, exercise, or water intake to me as well to help you stay on track or anything you want.

Then the rest of the week you could send me an email or text message here and there, as needed to help you stay accountable or to ask for help in the moment. Knowing someone is there to answer questions or give advice as needed can be invaluable to you. I had someone in my house that I could do that with most of the time, or call my sister. However, sometimes our family and friends aren’t the most supportive of our goals even if they are well meaning or they are supportive but give in to your whims because they love you. It can be a great tool to have someone who is objective to help you along the way.

Personalized Coaching can be anything you need: video support, messaging by text or through an app, or email chatting. It could be a mixture or just one of those options. We can figure out what will work best for you after your initial consultation.

The Inspire the Best You in 2017 Coaching Package starts as early as Sunday January 1st, 2017! It is the perfect way to start your new year on a healthy note that will get you moving in the right direction!

If you’re interested, sign up here! The package is currently on pre-order and you won’t be charged until January 1st!