Tell Me Something Good #36

I encourage everyone to take the time to leave a comment on this blog about something that is good in your life, today or recently! It’s such an enjoyable exercise to do and leaves you feeling positive!

A Momma's View

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It’s a special week, this new wee. The week leading up to Christmas. A time where people should be happy and “light”. But for some it’s a difficult time. Some feel lonely, some struggle, some feel dark or heavy. I think it can be especially hard at times like this as all you see is people who seem to be happy. Sometimes though it’s all a facade. In any case: Never forget that you are in charge of your happiness. You are in charge of how the day will feel to you when you go to bed. You are in charge of focusing on the good thing they day brought you rather then the bad before you fall asleep. And you are the one who decides how you will approach the new day.

Make it count. Make it a good one.

Let’s put some effort into creating a good week…

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10 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good #36

    1. That’s a great list of good things going on! Family is so important, and I definitely relate to reuniting with old friends. I recently moved back to California after living in Indiana for six years, and went up to my hometown to hang out with some friends from school or from when I was much younger. It was great to connect with them again.

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