Inspire the Best You 5K Run/Walk

Inspire the Best You 5K Run/Walk

Let’s face it, races are expensive. They are fun experiences though and exciting!

I’ve set up a virtual 5K race on Facebook: Inspire the Best You 5K Run/Walk for anyone, anywhere to do on Saturday, January 28th! It’s completely free and anyone who wants to take part can participate. You do it whenever that works best for you and wherever you choose! You can even share your training plan and progress on the Facebook page and let us know how you’re doing along the way.


For me personally, I was having a hard time finding a race near me that would help me train for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon that I’m signed up for, coming up in May 2017. The ones I did find that seemed interesting cost anywhere from $30-50. That’s expensive, especially when money is tight. The whole process had proven difficult for me so I decided to create my own virtual 5K race and invite you all to join me! Feel free to share with your friends or simply invite them to “race” with you!





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