Top 8 Apps for Healthy Living

Top 8 Apps for Healthy Living

There are many apps that have helped me along the way in my weight loss journey. Some have obviously helped me more than others, but the ones I mention have all helped a lot in some way. Most, if not all, of these that I mention here are free apps. Like most of us, I didn’t and still don’t have money to spend on a bunch of apps so that comes in handy!

1) SparkPeople

SparkPeople is the app I used the most. When I first joined the website, I did not have a mobile device that allowed me to download the app. So I was using the web browser on my iPod Touch to log into the mobile version of the site to do things like log my food, water, exercise, and weigh-ins. I also read their articles from there. That practice helped me feel motivated and inspired much longer than I would have otherwise because there was a lot of good information in the articles. I read any and all of the articles that applied to, or that interested, me. They have the articles broken up into groups such as nutrition, fitness, motivation, wellness, and more. Once I was able to download the app, I was able to post on the mobile chat, read other people’s blogs, and see what my friends were up to on their pages via the friend feed. I became more involved in SparkPeople because I could access so much more, and that in turn helped me stay even more focused.

(A similar app is MyFitnessPal, it just depends on your preferences).

2) Pep

Pep is an app created by SparkPeople in early 2015 as a photo sharing platform. It is a place where you can share pictures about your healthy living choices. For example: what you’re eating, what exercises you’re doing, Fitbit stats, inspiring quotes, and your exercise scenery. I enjoy posting to the app with pictures of my healthy meals and snacks, quotes I find particularly inspiring or motivating, screenshots of my Fitbit stats, and scenery from my walks. The app is kind of like Instagram in a way, but specifically for those striving to live healthy lifestyles.

3) Fitbit

Since I use a Fitbit One, I also use their app on my phone. It syncs my Fitbit’s steps, calories burned, floors climbed, fitness minutes/exercise, water intake, and also sleep quality and amount if I choose to do so. It can also sync nutrition information from SparkPeople or MyFitnessPal. That is an awesome bonus if you use either site for your nutrition tracking.

(Another alternative if you don’t have a Fitbit or other step counter gadget is Runtastic’s Pedometer app).

4) MapMyRun

This is another app I’ve used time to time for tracking the distance I walk or run when out training for races or simply getting exercise sessions in. It has an option to save your workouts in addition to tracking distance, time, and speed. When you get done with your workout and need to stretch, rest, or do something else, you can take a peek at your workout information when you’re done!

(Some other apps that do similar are Nike+Run Club, Runkeeper, and Runtastic GPS Running).

5) Pinterest

Browsing Pinterest for inspiration has become a great tool for me as well, as long as I’m careful to avoid any of the unhealthy or unrealistic weight loss solutions advertised there. I personally like to use this app to find inspirational quotes or pictures, tasty healthy recipes, workout ideas that will work for me and that sound exciting, and much more depending on what I’m looking for at the moment. As anyone who uses it knows, it is a very visual app which can be very pleasing! Sometimes I just browse and don’t really find anything that strikes out to me, yet I leave it feeling inspired and motivated to live healthier.

6) iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio has allowed me to listen to good music while I workout or just to help improve my general wellbeing by reducing my stress levels. My favorite station on there is K-Love, which is a Christian music station, because it helps me feel inspired and reminds me that God is always with me. Sometimes I will listen to the “workout beats” station as well while I’m taking my walks, especially when the K-Love station isn’t getting good reception, but I vastly prefer it over any other.

(Pandora is very similar, it just depends on your tastes!).

7) YouTube

On YouTube, I can search for workout videos or ideas when I need to change things up or find a new workout routine without spending money on them until I know if they work for me or not. Some of my favorite workouts ever are Leslie Sansone’s walking videos, Biggest Loser videos, and kickboxing workouts. Trying new videos of these types allows me to change things up and challenge myself while still doing a workout that fits my needs. Not only that, but I can watch music videos that help me feel motivated or keep me entertained while I exercise.

8) Google

At this point, you may be wondering what Google has to do with healthy living. I personally use their web search app to research things last minute, in the moment, or to prepare ahead of time for various happenings. Some of the ways I use it is to see how to cook things healthier such as how long to bake chicken for example, find out how many calories is in something when I can’t find out that information on SparkPeople, and much more. I’ve always preferred Google so it’s been pretty easy for me to use it when I need it!

What are some of your favorite apps that help you live a healthier life?



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